The Interceptor

Smart, Thoughtful Design, with the purpose of saving honeybees

The Interceptor Pro is a cutting-edge swarm capture device

Honeybees are a vital species to our livelihood by pollinating many crops and wild and native plants worldwide. Our lightweight swarm trap is ultra-durable and large enough to catch honeybee swarms of all sizes. They are designed to use standard Langstroth hive frames for easy transfer. We are saving bees across America, and we invite you to join us!


Maintenance-free, durable material

Waterproof and UV resistant

No Painting is Required


42 Cubic liters total volume

20 Cubic liters open space for swarm organization

Holds 5 Langstroth frames

Adjustable ventilation

Proper usage of The Interceptor
Honeybee Swarm Trap


Honeybee Swarm Trap

A Common Question:

Why is open space below the frames important?


Honeybee swarms want a place to organize before
taking to the frames.

THE INTERCEPTOR is designed and engineered
for ideal specifications.
  • 42+ cubic liters – total volume
  • 20+ cubic liters of open space
  • Snap-in/Snap-out closure gate
  • Minimum to no maintenance
  • Light weight/ life-long durable
  • Many other features
Purpose Designed & Engineered