The Interceptor Pro Honeybee Swarm Trap

The Interceptor Pro was designed and built for the sole purpose of capturing a honeybee swarm with the intention of saving them.
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The Interceptor Pro Honeybee Swarm Trap

is a USPTO patented device designed to capture and save honeybee swarms. Bees are considered key species of biodiversity. They play an essential role in pollinating food crops and wild plants.

The Interceptor Pro was specifically designed and engineered to maximize swarm captures and the saving of honeybee swarms. Its revolutionary new design is state-of-the-art in honeybee swarm trapping and is used around the United States (and beyond) by commercial beekeepers, hobby beekeepers, golf courses, state and national parks and professional swarm trappers. Even the public non-beekeepers are becoming engaged in helping to save honeybee swarms.

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What Our Customers Say

My wife and I bought the complete kit due to the need to install this trap quickly. I am very impressed with the quality of the complete kit and it comes with absolutely everything you need to be up and trapping in minutes. High-quality prebuilt frames with comb foundation already installed just drop em in, all hardware, slow release bait, a q tip saturated lemongrass so the entire box was saturated with scent upon arrival, and a very nice personalized handwritten note from the owner thanking be for my business.

Amazon Customer

Great product. I was going to build my own but wouldn’t come close to what comes out of the box here. Everything you need to put it up on a tree. Literally results I got one day after putting it up.

Amazon Customer

Absolutely LOVE this swarm box. Assembly literally took 10 minutes. No painting. Love all the details and features to make the whole "swarm process" easier. But for me the best part is how LIGHT WEIGHT it is. Those wood boxes get very heavy and bulky if you are carrying them much of a distance. This box weighs almost nothing. Very pleased! Five stars for sure.


I am not a handy person but was able to put this together in 10 minutes with no issues. All pieces were included with good instructions and it’s strapped to a tree in my front yard now. Love that this is so light and easy to use, also enjoyed the hand-written note with an offer for additional assistance. Hoping to capture a swarm this year. If so, I will post again with a picture. Great product.


Often copied but never duplicated. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the making of these swarm traps is off the chart. This will make the 7th of these that I have purchased. Last year alone I captured 6 swarms with the Interceptor. Very detailed assembly instructions. All stainless steel assembly hardware to insure long life. Same-day shipping, how could you not say yes to that! Thank you!

John Lapierre
Our Story, Our Big Why

Saving Honeybees Across America

Honeybees are vital for sustaining our diets, contributing up to nearly 40% of the food we consume. Without their help in pollinating crops, biodiversity would be seriously threatened, and many species could suffer from declining resources needed to survive. On top of that, honeybee products such as honey, beeswax, and propolis provide us with unique ingredients used daily worldwide!

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